Eusano supplies herbal materials and special preparations as starting materials for medicinal, food or cosmetic products.

We specialise in quality issues, traceability, cultivar screening and extract development for plant-derived materials used by the pharmaceutical, veterinary, food and cosmetics industry. The primary emphasis of our field work is the selection of high performance cultivars and chemotypes through international plant cultivation projects.

Eusano offer the rare combination of scientific competence, market knowledge, mastering of several foreign languages, international contacts, and experience in regulatory affairs.

The guiding principle of quality programme is certification according to HACCP and GMP standards. Our leading product is an extract produced from the saffron stigmas.

Eusano was founded in 2012 to continue and expand the work of Medicinal Et Aromatic Plants R&D Sarl (France) and the products division of HerbResearch.

Assisting you in developing botanical products with superior market potential

We select high-performance cultivars to provide you with the highest quality plant material.
We organise controlled collection and cultivation providing with quality medical grade extracts.
We provide you with the most comprehensive documentation including certificate of origin, certificate of analysis and can assist in the development of your product master files.
Our extracts are manufactured in Europe applying rigorous quality control according to pharma standards. Our leading product is an extract of saffron stigmas.

Eusano botanicals and services provide better positioning for your products in the areas of quality, traceability, safety, protection of the environment and social engagement in developing countries.

These features will provide an edge for your marketing to the your socially and environmentally and discerning customer.

It will enhance the market acceptance of your consumer products and ensure compliance with the regulatory requrirements.

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